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...although some of you may now want to tell me that I belong in the loony bin, I nonetheless don’t want to avoid mentioning at this stage that it is, of course, possible to obtain prints of any of my works.

Not so much to get rich, but rather because there are indeed people who ask about it.

All images in these galleries can be reproduced on canvas in superior quality. The prints are numbered and signed by hand. I have chosen canvas as, having experimented with a number of different materials, it always gives the best results, quite apart from the luxurious appearance that canvas has. Regarding prices and delivery time, I can’t give you any concrete information as the costs not only vary according to format (almost all are possible), but also because the prints are made after the order has been placed. This means that I am bound to the deadlines set by the agency, and I know that they don’t drop everything just because I need some copies done. But I do make the effort to try and get everything done within a reasonable timeframe.

Please note:

Should a link on this page or a link which led to this page via another link (this really is getting silly) show any illegal content, I would here like to distance myself from the matter in question.