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I begin by transferring the sketch onto good quality paper. Regretfully, the company “Schöllershammer” has ceased doing business and has taken their thick 4R and 4G quality paper off the market, thus leaving many artists helpless (may they all get herpes!). I am therefore now mostly using board from “Crescent”, whose quality approximates more-or-less that of that of the taste of American steam-baked bread (but no one gives a monkey’s about that in our profit-hungry, service-orientated country). When I have cleanly drawn my “self-created” model on the board, I then set about creating the accessories and details, the part I enjoy most.

Only at that stage do I start thinking about the colours. I do try to achieve a certain balance/connection between the image and the colour. I won’t swear blind, though, that I always manage it.
Colouring is mostly done though brush and watercolour technique. I thereby achieve a certain fuzziness (which, on the “Crescent” board, is not exactly “great art”…!) I achieve depth of colour step-by-step through the paint-spray-erase technique until I, and hopefully others too, can live with the result.

That is my approach and it definitely shouldn’t be a guideline for anything else. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported me in every possible way and wish all – here and elsewhere – success at whatever the future brings.

Kahl am Main         Andreas Raufeisen