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I am not the kind of person who uses everything he can to impose himself on people. That goes pretty much for the majority of things in my life. Obviously, this also applies to my painting. Accordingly, there is this homepage and there is also a catalogue of my works as well. (At this stage I would again like to thank the publishing team who have printed this catalogue. And I’m not doing this with the tube of Vaseline in my hand, but rather because I/we consider them to be personable, considerate, friendly and helpful people).

Clearly I am pleased that my paintings will be seen by more people that I care to count (I would be lying if I told you otherwise), but being able to show them to even more people isn’t what motivates me to paint even more. The ultimate question is whether they will continue to interest anybody. The simple fact of the matter is that I enjoy it (…and realise that this is something I am constantly repeating!) And equally I am delighted when someone enjoys my painting.

There are also, of course, at the same time the “hangers-on”, who think that they have to wind me up in senseless arguments about what a load of trash I produce and that presenting this sort of thing to the public borders on the blasphemic, given that the images have all been “lifted” or “stolen”.
Luckily, I am able to say to that assembled company that I couldn’t give a shit about their opinions. In this respect I would like to again make one thing clear: I don’t want to attack or insult anyone in any way at all or get some kind of black mark. I have great respect for anyone who presents his art to the public, thereby exposing a small part of himself and suicidally throwing himself into the lion’s den. Because there will always be someone who thinks that he/she is the root of all knowledge.
What I want to say is that nearly all of us, in one way or another, are in the same boot as we go through life. Sometimes I just find it really sickening that there are utter idiots who think they are the only ones who are best at rowing.